If you sold real estate and agreed to finance the buyer, then you own a deed of trust or private mortgage note.  Do you know that the monthly payments you would collect on that note in the future can be sold NOW for a large lump sum of CASH ?

A lump sum payment may make it easier to save, invest and plan for your future!  You can make a major purchase or investment, pay off credit cards and other high interest rate debts, or fund that project you want to start.    

Selling can benefit you by:

  • Converting the monthly payments you collect into a lump sum of cash;
  • Eliminating your risk, cost and hassle of a possible foreclosure on the note;
  • Eliminating your concerns about the monthly payments slipping away on life’s little expenses;
  • Selling your mortgage note while interest rates are still low and the market value of the note is at its highest.

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What We Do

At Perennial Capital Partners, we buy seller financed, first lien notes nationwide that are secured by residential and commercial real estate.

We offer several options for the purchase of your note:  Full Note Purchase, Partial Note Purchase, and Split-Payments Purchase.  We structure the purchase of your note to meet your needs. 

As private investors, we are often asked if we work with other investors and note buyers looking to invest capital; the answer is yes.  Please call us with your questions.

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About Us

Perennial Capital Partners, LLC provides an easy way for you to sell your mortgage note quickly, easily, and at the best price.  With our 30+ years of experience, we can evaluate your note and provide an offer for the maximum value.  We can get your cash to you quickly - often in 2 weeks.

We have the expertise and knowledge to purchase your note quickly.  If you are currently receiving payments for a piece of property you sold on a note and need your cash now, we can help!

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We'll be happy to work with you to evaluate your note and show you what it is worth in today's market.

Perennial Capital Partners, LLC

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Coopersburg, PA  18036

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